When To See A Gynecologist?

A gynecologist refers to a doctor (Gynecology in Dubai), who has done the specialization in women-specific diseases and reproductive health of the women. It is recommended to visit your gynecologist on a regular basis even if you are a sexually active woman or not. However, some circumstances have made it compulsory for you to visit a gynecologist. You may wonder which??? Read this article to know the details.

  • The issue in Period – If you experience any changes in your period, such as you start to get them early or a stop in them, then you need to visit your gynecologist immediately.
  • Menopause – Some of the women may experience lighter periods in their menopause state while some others may get heavier flow. Also, the frequency and intensity of the cycles may change. Some of the women get them earlier while some other may get them after the 50s. If you are experiencing any change in your menstrual cycle and you are near to this stage then go ahead and visit your gynecologist immediately.
  • Discomfort or pain – In case, you are experiencing burning and itching in your vagina and it is not possible for you to find out the source then you need to see your doctor. It can be the sign of a bacterial infection or any other disease. In this way, the treatment is possible by your gynecologist after the identification of problem.
  • Irregular Bleeding – It is recommended to see your dermatologist if you notice any irregularity in your bleeding. For example, if you experience bleeding when you are not on your period, whether it is less or more. In some cases, women are pregnant but still, they experience some bleeding that is not good for them. At times, vaginal bleeding can be a sign of the onset of any disease. So, it is good to visit your doctor to know your health.

Regular Gynecologist Visits
It is not compulsory just to visit your gynecologist only when you experience any issue, but you should set up some regular visits to ensure your health.

  • First Visit – according to medical experts, a woman needs to visit her doctor for the first time when she starts sexual activity. In another case, if you are 21 years old but still not sexually active still a visit is recommended.
  • Return Visit – For most of the women, one visit in a year is best. Further, it depends if you are having any problem.
  • Last Visit – Even after your menopause, you should continue these visits. However, if you reach at the age of 40 and don’t get any new partner then you may stop your visits as they are not required anymore.
  • Further, if you make a visit to the doctor and diagnosed with any problem then your gynecologist will let you know about your next visit on the basis of your issue. In addition to it, you need to be very careful while searching for a gynecologist in Dubai. It’s your life and you need to take care of it. So don’t be careless about yourself.